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sexual attraction to pubic hair (or the pubic region)

Specifically the act of thrusting or rubbing the pubic region, generally in the face, of a sexual partner.
My bird pubed me in the face last night, she's got a huge biff at the moment, i love it!!!!

I love pubing my fella
by Nick Moores April 07, 2008
The act of going into puberty
"Hello Ron I see you're pubing at the moment!"
by Lsimpson February 17, 2006
~To pube~
The act of taking your shaved pubes and sprinkling them on someone while they are sleeping
Or actively shaving your pubes over someone while they are sleeping
Tonight I am going to pube Jack's face.
There will be a massive pubing tonight.
by pubing October 16, 2014
indiscriminately shedding pubic hairs in public places
I haven't shaved in a really long time, so I was pubing all over the toilet seat.
by PubeMaster October 19, 2009
A popular sport, somewhat similar to planking, where one removes a singular or multiple pubic hairs from one's body to place it on a public object or friend.
I pubed jake so hard with a gooch hair!
Instead of ding dong ditching lets go pubing tonight!
Why is there hair in my sandwich..? I got pubed again!
by djpetewins October 16, 2011
adj. 1. the act of exposing one's pubic hair, most commonly on ChatRoulette/Omegle.com and thrusting the hips to arouse/nauseate the victim of exposed "pubes"
Hey, i just found a hot chick on Omegle and was pubing her for 10 minutes!!
by Rick.J January 06, 2011
A contest of pulling out the most pubes and putting them on the back of a urinal.
Yo dude. I just pubed that toilet. I bet you can't get more than twelve on the back of that American standard.
by beeyatch December 16, 2004