When a male/female becomes a man/woman,

males get:hair everywhere,excessive growing,growing of the pectoral muscles,growing of the penic,growing of the balls/nuts/testicles,mood swings,etc

females get:breastes,hair everywhere,excessive growing,their monthley period,mood swings,etc
Me:uh oh,im going through puberty!this sucks

person after puberty:i hear ya
by puberty sucks May 28, 2010
The time in a boy's life when he learns how babies are bor with sexual intercorse. The boy's dick, penis, johnny, willie, or whaterver you want to call it get long and hard. The is called an erection. Other changes are those such as pubic hair, sperm production, arm pit hair, attraction to boys and girls, and possibly a change of underwear from briefs to boxer-briefs or even the awful boxers. Boys may also begin masturbation.
Son, it's time for THE TALK. You are about to start puberty. When you really like a girl or boy, go up and say you want to have sex. You then both slowly strip. Once you're in your underwear, let you girl or guy get a good look, then shove those things down fast. Stick your stick in her vagina or his ass. Move it.
by YoPENIS December 16, 2007
Leaving your friends behind...
Friend #1- Where's Carl?
Friend #2- He hit puberty
by Colin Leahy February 28, 2008
That moment when you put down all your Pokemon cards and realise there's titties out there
KEVIN: Did you hear? Ben just hit puberty.!

ALEX: Finally, I have been waiting for his Pokemon collection for years.
by Outoftowntaco June 30, 2014
The second phase of puberty. Its when you hit your 21st birthday and are now able to go to a bar or pub.
Its my 21st birthday. I finally hit pub-erty!
by UnhandyZand August 30, 2011
The process in which male celebrities get unbearably hot
Luke Hemmings has definitely gone through puberty
by megadickmuncher October 08, 2014
That time in a parent's life where they start to notice that their water bill starts to increase as their big load of joy of a teenager starts aging.

They refuse to believe that's the reason why but it's true, puberty can get expensive.

(if you're still unsure of why this is happening,it's because your son/daughter masturbates frequently in the shower)
Mother: God donut rick! Our water bill is twice as much as it was last month! Is this a mistake?!

Father: Hunny... it's puberty.
by Hart07 August 25, 2014

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