What pubby's do/wear/act.
1. Wear skateboard shoes even though they do not skateboard.
2. Wears Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostle, and Hollister clothes. American Eagle is okay.
3. Male pubbies tend to have extremely long hair.
4. Pubbies usually swear in almost every sentence.
5. Basically they are not unique and try to follow the crowd all the time.
6. And most importantly, pubbies usually attend a public school.
Bob: "Look at the guy with the Aeropostle shirt. He keeps swearing and spitting constantly."
Joe: "I know. He's such a pubby."
by anzc December 28, 2008
A Republican, esp. an extremely conservative one
Those pubbies are at it again!
Why can't that pubby understand that tax cuts for the highest 1% equate to pain for the nation.
by D.B. August 24, 2003
someone who goes to public school; something that characterizes someone who goes to public school-not necessarily a bad thing...
person 1: look at her new acrylic nails...
person 2: oh my gosh, those are so pubby...
by goldie January 19, 2005
Describing Adjective

1. Extremely good, emphasized by either adrenaline or giddiness. See also sick .

2. Adequate.
1. Dude, this is so pubby! It's like the best day of my life!

2. Whatever, its pubby enough for government work.
by T*hoe December 13, 2004
Public school students, also denotes an easy life style hanging out drinking instead of at class.
1.Man if I were a pubbie, life would be so easy, no pressure.

2. Why are all those pubbies checking out our women?

3. I'm a pubbie and I'm proud of it!

by Livingitup November 07, 2007

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