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Crazy grind/tech/hardcore band. Sounds like Ion Dissonance, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Daughters mixed all into one. Insanely technical guitars/drums.
Hooooooly shit, that guitar on "Death, I..." made me cream my pants.
by Bryce September 20, 2004
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when broken down in greek Psi or Ψ is used for psychology and opus which comes from latin means work.

in literal sense psyopus can be mental work such as comprehension

the word opus though is used in the sense of a work of art leading to the plural opera

so psyopus can be considered a mental work of art in which the band uses this word to express the amount of mental ability to create their music
the music of psyopus is very advance and complicated it is quite a psyopus
by metal is a weapon April 22, 2009
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A band comprised of musicians with insane technical ability, yet all they do is make a bunch of horrible sounding noise.
I just listened to 10 seconds of psyopus and I now have a headache.
by Madison Verger October 02, 2007
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