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A woman who is a psychotic cunt. This can come in a number of forms, but she is generally a bitch beyond all help and human decency and kindness.
Person one: What do you think of that manager?

Person two: Oh, she was psycuntic. I couldn't stand the bitch.
by joeland87 August 09, 2011
Psycuntic: (adj.) A person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is highly disliked and frowned upon by many; has gone insanely mad at the world and all the people that surround them for unknown reasons pertaining to themselves.
Person One: My one friend is being a real bitch lately, I can't stand being around her, you know what I mean? It's like she hates the world.

Person Two: Oh, you mean she's being psycuntic.
by joeland87 August 18, 2011

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