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1. Someone who visits a popular gaming website and talks and plays with tons of gamers, And contains a good reputation on gaming.

2. Someone who is amazingly good At video games, Maybe can no scope really good in call of duty 4.

3. Someone who is mainly annoying, Likes to scream on the mics, And annoy everyone around them.
1. Oooh That kid is such a PsychoticGamer, He owns in any game he plays.

2. Man your such an PsychoiticGamer join my game battles clan.
by xSIXAXISx June 02, 2009
something that happens to a gamer when a multiple series of events happen in a unfortunate matter

when a gamer finally gets his way in a game that usually ends up torturing the other player

Psychotic gamer
by annonymous 1223 XD June 17, 2016
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