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An emotional-intelligence based instrument of the brain, used in social settings, or other, to detect and pre-determine potentially psychotic, selfish, arrogant, spoilt, obsessive, stalker, head-screwing type of behaviour in prospective hookups, love interests, employers, friends etc..

Primarily used to avoid making the mistake of any future interaction with that person, whether it be physical, emotional, or other!
Person 1- hey Sarah, that guy over there is cute, no? wow he could be the father of my children!

Person 2- nah babe, the Psychometer is going off the richter!! don't need another one of those! they just screw with our heads and hearts!

Person 1- ah what a shame, thought he could've been a contender, in the running, as 'the one'!

Person 2- nope. let's get outta here chica

Person 1- yeah, nexxxxt
by Shakeitoff October 25, 2011
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