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The Psychic-Warrior is a Psion who leaves the path of normal Psions, and goes to pursue other ways. The Psychic-Warrior has the powers of all the other classes of Psions, but is less skillful at his powers. Instead, he combines his limited power with lethal fighting techniques, and uses his psionic powers to increase his physical strength and stamina, as well as cushioning falls and blows, and predicting an enemy's actions.
The Psychic-Warrior is never trapped; he just needs to make a new exit.
by Detranova August 04, 2003
A word commonly used by DBZ fans, and too imaginary kids. However, it is also used a lot among D&D players. Another group of people is are the ki-bitches.
The difference between the DBZ-fans and the D&D-players, and ki bitches is that the ki bitches take psychic combat seriously.
by PsiZero November 06, 2003
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