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The Psychedelic Effect is a condition in which is obtained through smoking, injecting, ingesting, chewing, huffing, a drug in order to get a high off of it.

The high is generally a stage of seeing:
-Colorful images
-Twisting, Spinning, Winding, Swirling images
-An a different world, time, dream, etc.
-Euphoric feelings (Depending on the drug and the dosage)

The psychedelic effect may only last 3 or 4 minutes or 6 to 7 hours depending on which drug was used to get high off of.

A man goes to his local smoke shop to buy Salvia Divinorum. He goes home and takes a massive hit of it out of a pipe and holds it in for 30 seconds to soon realize that within 25 seconds, his body/brain/muscles have all changed and he is now engaging in a Psychedelic Effect where he is holding on for dear life, as a tornado above him attempts to suck him away. This man is have a really bad trip that ends in 4 minutes and realizes that he never wants to try Salvia again in his life. He is one of 6%~ of Salvia smokers that say they will never want to try Salvia again.
by Nicholas Roberts March 31, 2008
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