(noun) the human soul, spirit or mind.
Man 1: Oh I love you Mudkip!
Man 2: You fool! That Mudkip had no psyche!
Man 3: LOLZ? but i herd u liek mudkipz 2!
Man 2: PSYCH!! I <3 MUDKIPZ!!1!!1
by Raybrant February 26, 2008
To lie; to decieve for humor purposes.
There were no UFO's on the moon in 1969! PSYCHE!
by Jimbo69 July 20, 2005
An extinct term meaning, "Just kidding" or "Yeah right!"
"You really go down on me behind the slides?"

"O yeah...PSYCHE!!"
by Joshiro007 February 20, 2003
a reason to yell in someones face...brought back by the yearbook staff
i think ur cool....PSYCHE!
by PHP! July 03, 2003

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