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A word with origins in the Bay Area. Its literal definition means to screw someone over Pakistani style, which includes but is not limited to: acting in a selfish manner for no apparent reason. withholding homework and/or the answers to an exam from fellow Afghans, cutting someone off while driving. The word is often associated with deliberate malice towards others. Synonyms include: fake, shady, uncalled for, arrogant, bitch, and bitch-made. Antonyms include: Afghan Hospitality, Bachesh, Bachem, honor, respect.

When someone tries to screw you over, you know you're getting Pstanned.
" Hey Too Cool, can I borrow the baby-oil/ make up you put on..?"

" na man"

"Damn homey, you just got Pstanned"
by money11 October 17, 2009
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