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A Psi Ball is a ball made of Psi when in deep concentration or focus. To create a Psi Ball you have to focus on a visualization. Like in an area. For me I visualize myself on a rock floating near Mars and the Sun channeling energy into my hands. It will feel like (can be combo of some.): Tingling, presure (yeah I know I got my spelling off on that) Cold or hot. Anyone who uses Psi is call a "Psion". To throw you visualize it moving around. You MUST stay COMPLETELY focused AT ALL TIMES. To make someone feel it, you must "Create a shell" around the Psi ball. To do that visualize yourself making the Psi denser and denser and the energy swirlling around inside. And then at this point visualize a shell forming around it. Now it is ready to be thrown. NOTE: To throw a Psi ball you must use the same method of moving it around. This is all mental, not physical, so don't try and pitch it. That should cover it all. If not, please e-mail me.
Remember that Psi is energy, and after about 2 years of practice you can make it into a "flare" (a visable Psi ball).
You can pass Psi balls/constructs.
by Link1721 May 04, 2007
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