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Being a Pro at everything, especially in the art of throwing objects. Prothros are usually rare to find. They are smart and sexy by nature. Girls are all over them and they last long in bed.
Jim: "I suck at throwing"

Chris: "I don't have to worry about sucking. I'm a Prothro"
by Jumpmanjunky February 02, 2011
v. To injure an opponent badly in a sporting event, after Tyrone Prothro from the U. of Alabama Crimson Tide football team who suffered a devastating injury near the end of a game.

n. An injury resulting from a coach keeping a star athlete on the field too long during a blow-out victory.
v. I think we should send in a walk-on to prothro their QB.

n. It's a shame he suffered a prothro, but if his coach wasn't running up the score it never would have happened.
by Paul "Bear" Bryant February 03, 2006
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