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The best friend that you could ever hope to have! Kind and caring! Amazingly handsome!!!! Sweetest guy you will ever meet!
His name must be Prothaniel. Who else would spend so much time helping others?
by love-lives November 26, 2011
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1.A guy who is loyal and a great friend. Always has an open mind and accepts you for who who are. You can always count on him to be there for you no matter what the circumstances. 2.Usually quiet and observant, but what he says means a lot.
3.Handsome, smart, and funny. Although too humble to admit it. 4.All-around cool guy
Walt: Have you seen Prothaniel today?
Julien: Nope. It would make my day a lot better though.
Walt: Sigh.
by SilentFlame November 26, 2011

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