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A word that can be interchanged with any other noun when describing a person
Pete didn’t root that chick because she had a hairy box…what a prostocio!
by Conrad670 October 02, 2005
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A word that can be used to describe a person who is a lesser life form.

Usually as a put down, but as with most words on the street it can mean the opposite.
This guy is wearing a pink t-shirt - what a prostocio.
Hey prostocio it is your round.
This prostocio can't even hit the ball.
Where has that prostocio gone?
Why would that prostocio do something like that, what a prostocio!
Pete and Luca - what a pair of prostocio's.
Danny got into a fight with some prostocio.
Con's hair makes him look like a prostocio.
Mark does as much homework as a prostocio.
Christian is a prostocio for being so pussy whipped.
Dean - now he is one sexy prostocio.
Anthony, he is one prostocio that uses the word prostocio way too much, he is a prostocio.
Adam typifies all there is to being a prostocio.
by Johnny670 October 03, 2005
1 3