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kids portrayed in a sexual way. comes from the english word prostitute and the slang word for toddler
look at that kid licking that melting ice cream. What a prostitot!
by Kyle Melko89 September 27, 2005
A Prostitot is a tween/young teen who dresses like a prostitute
Wow, look at her fishnets - shes such a prostitot
by swaggylee June 25, 2014
Little girls ages 8-16 who dress like hookers and act as them also. Mostly found at malls, where parents can drop them off
That girl is such a prostitot look how short her skirt is.
by DukesyDaisy May 16, 2013
I minor female who dresses like a hooker
Look at those prostitots! Too bad they aren't legal
by Chum Chum May 06, 2013
An underage girl dressed as, or acting like, a prostitute.
Let's go to the mall and drool inappropriately over prostitots!
by B SIDE July 09, 2012
a small child that has been entered into the world of prostitution.

or a small child whose mother dresses them up like a whore.
That small child, yeah that one over there, is a prostitot. Look at her very small skirt and the tiny shirt shes wearing. Shes like 3!
by yomamaishawt June 29, 2012
A teenager who dresses like a prostitute. Is mostly used when talking about girls. Similar to Jailbait.
Guy 1: Look at that girl.
Guy 2: I know! She is a complete prostitot.
by PrblmOfficer September 20, 2011