To pay for your college tuition through prostitution.
Mary used ProstiTuition to pay for this semester. She does not like to fill out lengthy forms for scholarships.
by Tha Cuddla April 21, 2004
1) noun - Money earned stripping, hooking, or otherwise through the sex trade which is used to pay for college expenses.

2) noun - The act of earning money through the sex trade in order to pay for college.
Lots of USC girls resort to prostituition when their clueless parents wake up and refuse to continue paying for that half ass school.
by Wildrider July 20, 2008
the act or practice of engaging in sexual acts in order to pay for college education
To meet her student-loan payments, Beth resorted to prostituition.
by Dhornsby June 23, 2010
When a stripper ho is doing her dirty dancing "just to pay her way through college".

A good excuse for any dancer who is too dumb to get a real job or education, and may or may not have a meth/crack/coke habit.
Man, you ever talk to these hoes at the strip club? Seems like everyone is in there for prosti-tuition!
by moneycashdane April 22, 2011
The act of selling one's body in order to pay for college.
Looks like I have two choices, either waitress or prostituition, so the argument is health insurance vs. a lot more money.
by Mr. Fun Pun November 16, 2011

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