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the main part of a man's body to help produce sperm is this area is to be stimulated a man will feel intense amounts of pleasure
the prostate is a walnut kind of shape and feel its felt good when it was touched
by Cody June 22, 2004
the centre of all joy in a man's body
suddenly, he found his prostate, and all was right with the world
by Mike February 08, 2004
The skeet machine. The organ that makes the viscuous fluid of semen.
John's prostate must be working overtime, he has been in his room with Anna for 12 hours straight.
by I like to wank October 29, 2006
The part of the body that helps produce fluids for semen.
My prostate don't work, so I got dry sperm.
by Dick Tater January 28, 2006
What you get when you merge Progressive with Allstate
Mother: "Aw shucks, my car just got rear-ended. I wonder if that person has Progressive or Allstate"
Son: "You mean Prostate?"

And suddenly rear-end collision coverage makes even more sense
by onlyyoucanpreventforestfires December 15, 2013
1) The male gland situated next to the colon that is responsible for semen production.

2) The Tire Kingdom Southeast Regional Manager who is a completely incompetent boob and has no respect whatsoever for his employees.
1) Excuse me if I'm walking funny today, my girlfriend tickled my prostate last night.

2) Prostate came down from the central office today and tried to throw his weight around, and ended up just leaving a mess behind him.
by TKEmployee September 23, 2006
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