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A morpheme that can be used as a root in and of itself, or as an affix (suffix or prefix) replacing that of another word. Depending on the situation at hand, it connotes either of two extremes: the utmost pleasure, joy, excitement, and exuberance, or the most indescribable loathing known to mankind. During normal circumstances, it can be used to place emphasis on words, while conveying no actual meaning.
Will: Hi. I just stole all of your money, kidnapped your wife, and sent your children to wrestling school.
Randolph: PROPP YOUUUU!!!!!!!!

Hey did you bring the proppcorn? I rented a propptastic movie we should watch. What the propp, you can't come?

Propp hitting me you risquankulous freak.
by Psyduck Sam July 16, 2010
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