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To prove someone wrong, or prove your point using the power of google.
"There used to be real cocaine in coke-a-cola"

"No there wasn't"

"Yes there was! I will proogle it!" (gets out phone and googles)
by googlelicious October 28, 2013
To look up an indisputable fact on Google to prove a point and win an argument.
John: The Sun is one of billions of stars in the Milky Way.
Chris: No, you are wrong, it is the only star in the Milky Way.
John: Proogle it.
by Choombie March 26, 2014
To prove a fact to friends at the pub, by using google on a smart phone.
Leonardo de Caprio was not in Growing Pains." "Yes he was, proogle it
by Ted-Moseby November 19, 2010
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