Short for "Professional Nathaniel"

A name often assigned to young men holding the name Nathan or Nathaniel who show exemplary skill in the sciences and are physically attractive.
Have you met ProNate? He's the smartest person I know.
by ProNate August 26, 2011
Top Definition
An advanced movement involving turning over of the wrist to increase results in whatever you're doing.
"Bro I was 4 fingers deep in this girl and then I had to pronate to make her squeal!"
by The ultimate DARKHORSE January 28, 2014
Verb: The act of giving head to a significantly elder male; the act of come shooting in one's mouth or onto one's stomach.
The principle of our school was pronated by the 9th grade whore.

The grandfather pronated onto the dogs stomach.
by Kabby February 08, 2006
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