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Literally a 13 year wannabe that s hopping to become famous but epically failed. That is the artist. Her her big (but failed) hit "Friday." you shouldve heard about that by now or else you actually have no life. this song is sssoooooooo much more fuked up and disgusting. My friends told me if you desperately want to hear this horrid song, click play and plug your ears with the most sound proof ear plugs. Seriously. I chosen the wrong path of not to do that and now I am deaf. The what rebbecca calls "music" of her prom night song is SOOO fucking overly auto tuned that that I shit bricks for 13 hours! (shitting bricks is not the best feeling) there are many dangers in listening to this thing considered "music". Definitely the biggest most official disgrace to the history of music. Rebbeca. Fucking. Black. Needs. To. Fucking. Stop.
Prom Night Rebecca Black

Worst. Definately enough said. Buti d like to add that the most dangerous parts seems to to be most definately her real voice. Killing.
by Messyylilgurll June 27, 2011
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