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An Encyclopedia capable of human speech or puts random diseases in the middle of sentences to confuse the fuck out of who ever their talking to.
Abyss: Yo fash wanna go pk 44s or mb?
Profash: get a tber
Abyss: Jandd get on tbs retard
Jandd: Ok!
Profash: Mass world 91 mb, bring tradeoffs so we can Anaplasmosis the enemy in Bacterial vaginosis time.
Abyss: ???
Jandd: i tbed for alex6694 old wild kid...
by SwagSurfin March 21, 2010
7 2
hick, scrawny white kid who smells like your thumb after you removed it from your the twat area after the act of masturbation
ur a profash
by hamari January 31, 2010
5 0
Leader and founder of the #1 P2P single clan on Runescape since mid July. Highly influential, reputable, and feared both as a clan Leader and single pker. Is often referred to as 'The Hitler of the Runescape clan world', in reflection of Hitler's power and intellect.
by Jagex LTD. February 05, 2012
0 6