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The act of taking a small break of procrastination during work hours, or dire times of actually needing to do something constructive and important.
You: "Oh man, I'm so glad I'm getting all of this work done, It's so productive!"
Computer: "I'm sorry, I can't let you do that, Dave."
You: "Welp, better take a procrastibreak and check out these wicked-awesome definitions on"


You: "I'm backed up with all this godawful work I have to do for tomorrow, It's driving me nuts!"
Conscience: "You should tell all of your friends on that favourite social network of yours."
You: "Damn right, I had better take a good procrastibreak to get my mind cookin'!


Me - Take a wonderful procrastibreak between college work and decide to write a definiton on the internet..
by Effort May 24, 2013

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