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An adjective describing a person who is extremely attractive to the point of being distractive, but expressing any attraction towards them would be taboo. This term is an antonym of Situationally Attractive, as it describes someone you would ask out under virtually any other circumstances. It is especially appropriate for situations where you must interact with the person in question and conceal your interest in them.
1) An especially cute subordinate would be Problematically Attractive. Monica Lewinsky is a famous example of this.

2) Any teacher or TA attractive enough that you genuinely consider dating them, particularly if you are under 18. Since you can't date them, they're problematically attractive

3) Someone who would be the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend were it not for their BFF, parents, or other close associates.
by Shalinn Vingon Munik Cye December 14, 2012
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