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Spending the afternoon professionally tanning in your back yard, at the beach, at a local pool, etc. in place of employment. Pro-tanning can be done in a bikini, tankini, or one piece with friends, family or even alone!

This inexpensive activity requires few, if any supplies. Some suggestions to take your experience to the next level are sunglasses, tanning oil or sunscreen, lipgloss with SPF, and music.

For optimal results, Pro-tanning should be done between the hours of 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Note: You can also use the term "Pro" to other tan related topics such as "Pro-burning" (inexperienced Pro-tanners) or "Pro-failing" or "Pro-success" (which is Pro-cess for short)
I Pro-tan
S/he Pro-tans
They Pro-tan

I spent the afternoon Pro-tanning with Donna.
by PeanutandDonut June 16, 2011
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