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Shortened version of 'profile picture.' Profile pictures are most commonly used for social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace and are the picture shown on your main page and when you make comments.
After just taking a picture: "Wow, great picture! That's definitely a pro-fo.
by Greasy Corndog January 29, 2010
3 1
prophylactic, condom

term made popular by the comedy show "The State"
Dad, those things you found under my mattress were profos.
by atom January 10, 2005
34 21
Condensed form of "pro-fucker". A pro-fucker can be anyone from a prostitute who gets paid to perform sexual acts to an amateur high school slut. A "profo" typically sleeps around and is almost always considered "easy".

"Profo" can be used when talking about a whorish girl or it can even be used to describe a guy who gets around as well.
Female Use-
Becca: "Hey Taylor, did you hear that Sue hooked up with 4 boys last night at that frat party?"
Taylor: "Four?! Damn, what a profo."

Male Use-
Becca: "I heard back in high school Eric had a new girl friend every other week."
Jeff: "Yeah, Eric used to be a huge profo."
by Aiden Thomas April 30, 2007
11 9
A combination of the words "Profile" and "Photo"
You look unreal in your Profo babes!! xoxo
by _Blue_ROFL_ November 04, 2011
3 2
a shortened version of the word "professional"
You printed it on fancy paper? That's mad profo!
That chick is such a profo dresser, so classy!
by pseudorandom December 06, 2007
6 8