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The complete Opposite of "No Homo"
A) When someone or yourself says something gay and you meant to say it


B) someone says something gay and you make fun of it
A) I fucking hate pool, i'm no good at getting my balls in holes! Response : Pro Homo.

B) I sucked for days on a lollypop to get the creamy center.
Dude 1: "Pro Homo"
by Paddy O'Mally May 16, 2008
similar to no homo
1).when you say something that sounds really gay and you actually mean it.
2). when someone else says something pretty gay, you can make fun of it by saying pro homo.

1)."Yo Cher is playing at the Super Dome, lets get tickets pro homo"

2).Preston: "I hate these straws, you have to suck so hard"
Brock: " homo"
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
Supporting gay and homosexual rights.
Guy 1: " Do you want to go to lunch? "
Guy 2: " Sure, how does Chick-fil-a sound? "
Guy 1: " Sorry man . I can't eat there anymore, I'm prohomo."
by babyduckies July 27, 2012
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