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One who acts like he is superior or better at something than someone else at a certain activity but is really awful at it and no one wants to tell him how pathetic he is.
Guy 1: Dude i put up like 2 points last night!

Guy 2: What a baller!!!!!

Guy 3: Yeah looks like we got ourselves a pro baller over here
by Sgt McMuffin January 27, 2010
One who balls like a pro. If someone is baller at absolutely anything, he/she has the right to call themselves a pro baller. A pro baller tends to be "the shit".
Jon: "Nirman makes everything hilarious!"
Frank: "Yeah, and he a beast on the court."
Jon: "What a pro baller."
by 333221 October 31, 2011
A paintball term, used for someone with exceptionally good paintball skills, and one with a awsome paintballer marker, most proballers shoot ICD markers, and most of the time they really never play, they just play 2-3 times a year and somehow "own everyone" on the field.
"That proballer with the b2k2 WITH PDS, just owned the field!"
by Bobby Dukes March 17, 2005