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Bollox or Vagina
He got hit in the PrivateParts. or.

My god, he has his PrivateParts on his face
by HS The Whap February 05, 2003
The word used to describe penis, balls, vagina, anus and boobs in a useless and misunderstood way (especialy using the word to "teach" children) and usually what parents tell their children not to let strangers touch
child: momy what are these?

mother: oh sweetums those are your private parts!

child: well... what are private parts?

mother: private parts are the parts of our body that we kept private sweety.

child: why do we have them?

mother: hmmm, well we use them to...

father: to stick my fat cock in your mothers tight pussy son.
by Aynos June 06, 2011
Men: The Penis, Testicles, and Anus.

Women: The Breast, Vagina, and Anus.
I saw Mark's Private Parts last night, and he let me play with them.

I saw Jenny's Private Parts last night, and she let me play with them.
by ExpertEntrepreneur August 03, 2011
Name used often by those with a dull wit.

Though there can be only one original.

Another PrivateParts........this is gonna get confusing........

Has PrivateParts met PrivateParts yet?

"yup i met him alright"
by PrivateParts ~teh original~ February 05, 2003
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