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Death of a Princess is a true life movie on how Princess Misha'al (Saudi Arabian Princess Misha'al bint Fahd al Saud) was executed for falling in love.

Under the evils of Islamic Law & her murderous family the Princess's family put down her killing as an honor killing.

The princess was influenced by the freedom and spirituality of the west, and decided to refuse to marry her cousin (forced incestuous wedding), and tried to run off and flee Saudi Arabia and Islam with her lover.

Princess Misha'al was executed at the age of 19 along with her lover who was aged 20.

Princess Misha'al grandfather, Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz, ordered the hit (execution).
Princess Misha'al almost escaped Islam, but was killed in an honor killing by her family.

The House of Saud (Saudi Royal Family) tried to buy out Death of a Princess by the Media Broadcaster, but was flatly turned down on moral grounds that murder or honor killings cannot be covered up with money, veils or extortion by oil.
by The Moody Poet February 02, 2007
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