An extremely attractive girl that's at or about to hit the age of consent.
Brody- You dudes wanna go to the mall? I'm meeting Amanda there.

Juan- Fuck yeah, didn't she just turn 17? Prime real estate right there, son.

Eric- Hell yeah. Plus, it's the mall. Where else can you find such a high concentration of some prime real estate?
by nandeezy June 04, 2010
Top Definition
any desirable object. could be anything from a killer parking spot to an extremely attractive person.
dude i'm tellin you, this chick is some prime real estate.
look at that spot right there! that's some prime real estate for this part of town
by Kid Touchin Stuff November 17, 2009
A parking space at a department store, specifically Wal-Mart, which is centrally located to the entrance/exit AND a shopping cart stall.
Tooty! Park there! That's some Prime Real Estate....
by Kelvey September 17, 2008
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