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Word used to make fun of friends when they've been thrown in the friend zone of a girl who they've been after.
- "Shit, dude she never replied to the comment I left on her facebook....what the hell"

- "HA HA fucking friend zowned!"
by Nandeezy July 05, 2009
To prevent one from getting some action out of revenge.
"Shit, look at Brody mad gaming on chicks with your bottle of Jager"

"Fucking kid, gonna have to spiteblock his ass"
by Nandeezy July 05, 2009
Being affected by the state of the economy and having to take drastic measures because of it. AKA. owned by the economy.
Brody: YO, let's go to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Juan: Dude, fuck that. Can't afford it. It's not even tuesday, asshole. Gonna have to go through a dollar menu.

Eric: Wow...economowned?
by nandeezy September 09, 2009
A prop or gimmick used by someone in order to "snatch" some "pussy"
Ex 1-

Bob: Hey man, can I get a dime of your finest?
Drug Dealer: WTH? You don't smoke weed
Bob: I know, but think about it, it's a total pussy snatcher. Girls love the ganja.
Drug Dealer: True dat. Popcorn. Playa.

Ex 2.

Joey: Hey dude what are you up to?
Mike: Not too much, just playing my keyboard.
Joey: Playing Miserable At Best by Mayday Parade? Cute.
Mike: Shit, I SHOULD learn that.
Joey: Yeah, total pussy snatcher.
by nandeezy March 15, 2010
When something ridiculous and embarrassing enough is said online that it merits being copied and pasted into your AIM Buddy Info for everyone else to see.
Screenname1: I gotta get laid on friday or I might as well shove my dick in a blender.
Screenname2: LOL
Screenname2: kid, you just got Buddy Info'd.
by nandeezy March 15, 2010
An extremely attractive girl that's at or about to hit the age of consent.
Brody- You dudes wanna go to the mall? I'm meeting Amanda there.

Juan- Fuck yeah, didn't she just turn 17? Prime real estate right there, son.

Eric- Hell yeah. Plus, it's the mall. Where else can you find such a high concentration of some prime real estate?
by nandeezy June 04, 2010
On most occasions, someone who, at a party, infiltrates a room where a couple is obviously trying to spend some time "alone". There's different variations of this type of character. Most of the time, an Undercover Blocker pretends to be asleep in the same room in order to be witness to teen-age sexual acts. Other times they often come in and out of rooms hoping to catch someone in the act. Any door that is unlocked is usually fair game for the Undercover Blocker.
Jon: Did Nick seriously pass out in that room?
Mike: I don't know man, I think he's just pretending in order to see that chick naked, or join in. No idea what his intentions are, man.
Jon: Wow, another Undercover Block. Nick is the freaking man.

Jeff: Dude, I just heard Jenny and Bob talk about going upstairs and making out in the bathroom. Wtf?!
Ian: Wow...Looks like I'm gonna have to go undercover tonight.
Jeff: What do you mean?
Ian: Undercover blocker... I'm going to go take a shit so they can't come in. Extra stank.
Jeff: Fucking genius.
by nandeezy August 17, 2010

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