group of ugly wannabe sluts in GCMS who think there horr but in relaity are the biggest fags ever
the prime 5 are so gay
by ******* March 01, 2005
Top Definition
The hottest group of 5 girls to ever walk the planet. If u r lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them, ull probably catch them in matching clothes, HOTT CLOTHES!!! Clothes that make lil pimps(SAL) drool!!!
Tommy-"OMG did u just c the Prime 5 walk by Gel?"
Gel- "Yea they so hott?"
Tommy- "I wish i could get wit them..."
Sal- "Damn two of those r ur sisters, but thats kinda hott"
by Brendan and friends... February 26, 2005
Prime 5 is hott, whoever wrote the last defintion is a jealous wannabe who deosnt know how to spell. Buy a spelling book and a life and if you dont like the Prime 5 leave GC
~Any girl who is friends with the Prime 5 must be hott

~ If your talking shit your just jealous
by Prime 5 Is cool March 28, 2005
hottest 5 girls to walk the face of earth every guy wants them every girl wants to b them (unless ur a lesbo or bi-then u want them too) if u aint with the prime 5, u aint shit
prime 5 is hottttttt
by rocco February 26, 2005
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