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robert shaw
man, I hate that guy clayface!
by rocco November 26, 2003
hottest 5 girls to walk the face of earth every guy wants them every girl wants to b them (unless ur a lesbo or bi-then u want them too) if u aint with the prime 5, u aint shit
prime 5 is hottttttt
by rocco February 26, 2005
european animal that lives in the cities.
Oh what a nice rodigy
by rocco August 01, 2003
homme n'ayant pas d'honneur
quel slipos celui là !
by rocco August 01, 2003
Broken Bag of Garbage.

Describing area below a chicks belly button and abover her vag. In this case it's that small/large bump that's more noticable when a chick wears jeans.
Refers to a time when I brought a chick home and watched her undress. She was not a thin girl but not fat. She wearing a pair of really tight jeans that looked okay on her but when she unbuttoned the last button her whole belly fell out. I just about threw up. It reminded me of carring a full bag of trash and at the last second the bag explodes and all the garbage spills out onto the street.
Example: Look at the Bbog on that chick!
by Rocco February 20, 2004
Like the internet, but instead of computers and stuff, it's chicken wire hooked up to a car battery.
This heathernet is the way of the future
by Rocco February 13, 2004
doesn't care what anyone else thinks , allways has the middle finger stuck in the air ........

livin life up like theres no tommorow ...
I rocco Fucked johns mom ....
I rocco Fucked johns sister....
wow my dick is hard i love johns mom.....
by Rocco July 22, 2004
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