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A person, who likes to blame others for their bitching out. They typically bitch out of online games, later at night. They will make every excuse to not stay up with you while they try to place the blame on you, using some extensive method such as posting a new online definition of a word they themselves already define.

"Kevin is, and will always be the true definition of a prickle dick."


"So true, just like he will always be the first recipient of a STINK FISHER."


"Hahaha, that's right. Man his life sucks."
by Brian Alexander 123 December 16, 2012
a small prickly dick (body part), or a person who is just too big of a prick that that the insult prick must be transformed to prickly dick
Kevin is a bitch, he went to bed at like 8 last night. Yeah i know what a prickle dick.
by Brian Daman July 13, 2008
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