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Partisans who defend their candidate or elected official with phrases like "the lesser of two evils" and criticizing those who argue for a truly representative government as Puritopians or partisans of an opposition party. Puritopians supersede the term emo-progs for Progressives or left wing Democrats. "Pretty-Pig-Apologists" could also be Republicans who support the Tea Party.

"Pretty-Pig-Apologists" assume a superior attitude and write or voice condescending remarks to those want a better government.

Pretty-Pig-Apologists are partisans not patriots.
The "Pretty-Pig-Apologists" counter any criticism of their candidate or elected official by asserting that a better politician is unelectable.

The apologist can be Republican or Democrat. Democrats use term (formally emo-prog) to describe Progressives just as Republicans could use it for members of the Tea Party.

"While not voting as a Puritopian is like partying while the ship sinks."

"You need to address your Puritopian Plan to bring about progressive change."

"Yes, (Obama) could easily be replaced by _______ _________.
Please fill in the blank, you know, with a more liberal candidate who could realistically be elected this country.
Otherwise, what the respected Member says is just pure demagoguery in lieu of realistic solutions."
by ContrarianPolitics August 21, 2013
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