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The most common nickname for the Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, located at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. The term was created around the beginning of the 2011 football season, when Arkansas began to "put on the pressure" and "cook" the opposition.
"Turn on the Pressure Cooker, chop up some onions and throw in the taters; we're having tiger tonight, boys!"

"Goddamn this is some good aggie.

Of course! Only the best meats are prepared in the Pressure Cooker."
by Tusk Luver November 20, 2011
its amde of metal and its used to pressurize things, they come in mini, medium, and large and also family and clothing bin size
the thing that your mum uses to cook soup is actually a pressure cookers
by irene September 24, 2003
An atmosphere or situation involving distress, anxiety, agony, etc.
May also be a term for a "shrink."
- High school is just a pressure cooker unless you get involved.

- A pressure cooker fishes for answers through a series of questions.
by Karl Morris April 23, 2006
while showering, you lather your partner in soap then bust a massive rippling fart. While you quickly exit the shower, you turn up the hot water leaving your partner to cook in the stinky steam while they rinse off.
Alex: lather up hun......pfFFFfttt
Mel: aw nasty, you just turned this into a pressure cooker!
Alex: ha ha ha peace
by navibrator January 27, 2011
A cross between the dutch oven and cleveland steamer. A sex act where the man proceeds to take as large a shit as possible, preferably after eating mexican food, kimchi or drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon to create that stew like consistency that is so familiar in the pressure cooker, on the womans chest and pulls the covers over her head to pin her to the bed while she futily tries to fight her way out.

Best served along with a Manatee.
Guy: Yeah man Cindy wouldn't swallow last week so I gave her a bitchin pressure cooker to teach her a lesson. She gobbles that shit now.

Guy2: Wooord
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007
A messed up sexual move similiar to a cleaveland steamer or Hot Karl but the other partner puts his/her lips on your ass and sucks a fart out
"Hey did you see that video with the guy giving another guy a pressure cooker?"
by Sathinnis October 24, 2008
a place or situation of high personal stress (from a cooking vessel that does not allow air or water to escape below a certain pressure)
They found themselves in more of a pressure cooker than they expected.
by The Return of Light Joker October 05, 2010
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