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A name for weed. a florida/south term.
"Yo, you got dat pressure"

"Im rollin up da pressure"

"Da pressure got me stuck"
by YaBoyJay May 05, 2009
83 25
A name for weed in many Florida hoods.
Jay: Ey Bruss you got some pressure?
Droid: Yea, here.
by Yung Nacho December 27, 2009
37 16
problem, it would be said to someone before a fight, got beef
a- fuck you bitch!
b- what nigga you got pressure??
a- bitch nigga i dont give a fuck
b- shoot me a fade then
by danickelina May 06, 2007
32 21
n. (heavy dance) music
dat is some serious jungle pressure
by MC Massive August 09, 2004
37 28
the uncomfortable feeling you get when you haven't gotten a blowjob in several years
Honey, I have pressure
Shall I suck?
by Jony McNoNookie October 11, 2013
6 5
Motion that is not going anywhere.
1.At work I get allot of pressure when things start going wrong and I don't complete things fast enough.

2.If you run a 30-mile-an-hour car into a wall, you got more than 4000 pounds of pressure.

3. The pressure in the tank is air that wants to get out.
by Scottmana November 25, 2007
16 18
African-american vernacular to define hypertension, or high blood pressure.
My mama, her health is doin' better since she got on pills for her pressure.
by grohl March 30, 2005
22 24