The act of eating dessert before a meal

Also, eating a chick out before you get nasty with 'er
Jameson is fat, he has pressert and dessert with every meal
by Jake Spangle August 23, 2007
Top Definition
Pressert (n) a noun meaning any dessert type food consumed before a meal.
Origin: it was first established as a main stream word in Montana in August of 2002. While ridding the Great Divide Mtn Bike route from Canada to Mexico fire Captain Benjamin III and Aaron, in search of a great deal of calories to sustain the constant days of riding carrying 35kilo's of gear, would at every meal consume 2 desserts, the one after the meal was of course dessert,the one before the meal became know as Pressert. The word has been used by them ever since.
by monkey73 April 06, 2008
When a girl gives a blow job and swallows, before eating dinner
Becky made a great sammich for Derek's lunch, so he rewarded her with a pressert that night.
by JMoney05 July 08, 2011
The sweet treat you eat BEFORE having lunch or dinner. A portmanteau of "pre" and "dessert". Sometimes but not always replacing a "real" dessert.
We ate chocolate bars in the car on the way to dinner. Peanut butter cups, the perfect Pressert.
by pedalling pedant May 21, 2014
A dessert you have before the meal.
I had two cinnamon rolls for pressert at the buffet, but I still saved room for ice cream at the end.
by Lerxst888 May 23, 2016
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