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Presley: usually a girls name, with dark beautiful hair, very hot, is flirtatious, and has a big heart. all the guys are absolutly head of heels for presley. loves soccer and guys.
that girl acts like a presley!
by jack bates July 20, 2010
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One sweet girl with one sweet ass.
wow Presley has a DONK. and my oh my is she fab.
by badmamajama January 05, 2014
A girl who is a bit shy at first but extremely nice and fun once you get to know her. She's self conscious even tho she shouldn't be. She's a hopeless romantic hoping to find love. She can be very bossy and demanding sometimes but still is open to others ideas. She likes to play it safe: she's the opposite of wild, but still likes to have fun.
Who's that?

-she looks like a presley
by UnicornsRCool November 24, 2014
A large fat line of drugs to be snorted. Named after the King himself, for his legendary tolerance. A Presley is not recommended to anyone without the proper tolerance as overdose is possible.
hey buddy, cut me and Daddy a Presley. These are really rowdy PK. get a line. Don't hurt yourself.
by Yikestime August 07, 2011
When one gets on all fours and is spanked with a ruler.
Damn after that Presley, that dudes ass is gonna be red for weeks!
by StabbedinthefastLane April 12, 2007

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