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Someone who is in the PPA (Preppy Pimp Association)
A person who dresses preppy even though his background is not and pimps and macs on these punk rock bitches. They also have MJ's (Main Jank<girl>) who they fuck regularly and get their paychecks, and any other money they have. If the bitch aint got no money then he dont fuck wit her even if she fine as hell. Even if he has a MJ he still has other bitches and hoes on the side and his MJ knows. Preferably the MJ has an actual boyfriend so even if she tries to get serious wit the Prep (Preppy Pimp) then he reminds her of her current predicament and threatens to cut her off from the dick. The tactics he keeps his MJ's varies but the one I just mentioned is the most common.
Man look at that Preppy Pimp ova there goosin that bitch
by Stevie Lifshitz March 01, 2008
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