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The hardest program,you will ever do in your life. Period.
Friend: yo why you have a hunchback

Prep 9 student: its from all the homework. It will straighten up in boarding school.
by MM>MJ October 30, 2011
Prep 9 is the hardest program that you will do in your life. Prep 9 is more selective than Harvard. It's where you'll meet the greatest of people; people who become your second family. Your unprepareds are kept track of, and even though you may fail, you will succeed. Rest assured that Prep 9 brings you closer to your dreams.

Note: PREP 9 is, and always will be better than Prep for Prep
A: How's Taft?
B: Its soooo great! I finished all my homework before the last class!
A: Same! But it's nothing compared to prep 9.
B: I know!! I miss all my contingent mates and my teachers and pulling all nighters every Friday working on Potato Famine research papers and reading Great Expextations. I even miss Mr. Hall and Mr. Antoine ...
by barenca November 04, 2015
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