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The affectionate diminutive for Prenzlauer Berg, Germany's hippest suburb located in Europe's hippest low-rent gentrifcation and slumming paradise, Berlin. Prenzlberg is known for its high levels of creativity, freedom, camo baby buggies, tatoo parlours and German speakers who drop 3 English words into every sentence. Also a post-Prague haven for American jazz singers from NY, novelists from NY, performance artists from NY, and those wondering how to get their regular medication sent from NY. Young Germans can shock their parents back in the village by putting their feet on train seats, drinking beer in the street, or having an inter-racial affair. Prenzlauer Berg was also the hippest suburb in the "former East Germans" who now provide the the embittered white trash street action, just like the East German kitsch used as a motif by many of the thousands of super-hip bars in Prenzlauer Berg.
OMG how carnivalesque! How Berlin! How Prenzlberg! How Weimar! Let's go straight there after the Cindy Sherman retrospective!
by your little mate January 25, 2011

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