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An English Premier League fan who knows absolutely nothing about any football outside of Great Britain. A 'premface' will often repeat stereotypes such as “Italy is a corrupt retirement home that plays catenaccio”, Germans are “efficient” and must “never be written off”, Argies are “cheats” and foreigners “are all divers”. To indulge in 'premfacery' would be to label the Three Lions as “favourites” before every World Cup, and then declare your astonishment at how they could be hammered 4-1 by a country from whom “only one player would make the England team”. Most importantly, a 'premface' repeats at least 80 times a day that the EPL is the “best league in the world” and that any player – Pele and Maradona included – is “unproven unless he has played in England”.
Man, Adrian Chiles is such a premface

ITV's pundit team is just full of premfaces
by Garganese August 20, 2013

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