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Preme is fashion/street slang for the NYC based clothing brand Supreme. Brand that targets the Skateboarding, Hip hop, and Punk rock cultures.
Male 1: Yo bruh bruh, what day is it?
Male 2: It's Thursday, main man.
Male 1: Fvck mayne ... missed the preme drop
by GavinRC May 15, 2013
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preme is a combination of supreme and premium, used to describe the enjoyment of something, usually concerned with food or sex.
"that sandwich was preme."
"she gave me a preme blowjob."
by skeet keet March 09, 2006
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Pronounced pre-mee. Synonymous with pre-med, premed, premedical. Used by current medical students, residents, and attending doctors to describe premedical students. Puns: pre-me as in before me, a premature version of me as in premature babies often referred to as preme, as in premature babies born before gestational age.
Look at that gunner pre-me, he's never gonna get into medical school.
by yukysaky May 03, 2009
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A mixed slang word meaning "premium" and "supreme," usually referring to the taste of new items from Taco Bell.
Yo, that new burrito box is 'preme. I give it a 10.

Team 7A is 100% 'preme.
by TeamSupreme May 22, 2017
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A gang in middle school who like Arizona ice teas and getting kicked out of post offices
That's the preme gang
by Hdjdhshsj January 18, 2017
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