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The act of accidentally hitting "The Big Key" while still in the passionate heat of typing a message, requiring a 2nd message in order to finish the job. (The Send key while texting, or Enter key while chatting)
Mr. Sheen: So I told my publicist that I just keep winning and winning, and he said

Mr. Estevez: Ya...so what did he say??

Mr. Estevez: Oh, come on bro!

Mr. Sheen: Hang on.... (sent while cutting and pasting)

Mr. Estevez: Geez, just forget it!

Mr. Sheen: Sorry dude, Premature Keyjaculation! I went to hit the quote key but hit the enter key instead...anyways, he said "Winning at what? Becoming the world's biggest asshole?" Can you believe that guy??

facebook: Your message was not sent because Mr. Estevez is offline.
by Tropical Daydreamer March 16, 2011