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V. - Act of Drinking alcohol before you go out to the club to maximize your fun at the club while spending the least amount on extremely overpriced alcoholic beverages... cause a beer at home is like 60 cents... a beer at your favorite night club is like 6 bucks... (dont drink and drive)
"Hey Fred, predrinking starts around 6 at my house... be there!"
by JadeHawk June 10, 2004
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Alternatively, can refer to drinking before attending an event where alcohol and/or drunkenness is prohibited.
I'll be predrinking at 6 and going to the City Council meeting at 7
by Rioter September 08, 2007
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To drink large quantities of cheap alkie/beer, before going out on a 'drinquest' to save on expenses!
I never done pre-drinking: I used to work in a bar, yo!
by hammer---;, hytham May 19, 2007
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