A delusional loner who thinks they are God's gift to earth but are really and truly super insecure and must verbally attack others to supposedly "protect" themselves.
Poor her, she's like a Prea.
by ggirlgirl49 October 22, 2007
Top Definition
A delusional person who is usually a loner. They think they are God's gift to Earth but are really and truly super insecure. They often hate people for no reason and lash out against them with verbal attacks in order to supposedly "protect" themselves. The smallest things irritate them and therefore they can never see the bigger picture in life.
He's a prea who lives in his own world.
by Prea October 29, 2007
A person who is usually a loner. They may snap at you for the littlest things in fear of getting hurt. Once they really get to know you, they get comfortable around you and feel safe. Never let a "prea" go. They are precious beings on earth and need love. If they ever hurt you, they never meant any harm. Just never break a "prea" heart or loose them in an idiotic way. They will forever believe that it's their fault and never forgive themselves. Prea's are very sensitive and may become jerks when you hurt them. They may forever hate you.
"Did you see that kid over there? He just broke a Prea's heart."
"Oh no."
by falloutman January 08, 2016
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