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Another word for Pre Cum

Clear fluid that comes out during a hand job or other type of foreplay... it acts as a self produced lubricant.

is it reported that pre cum has twice as many sperm as regular cum.
Friend 1: I can't impregnate a girl if I pull out!
Friend 2: You better watch out that pre action can get you!

Friend 1: My chick and I were fooling around last night and I had some pre action come out and I was ready to Go!!
#cum #jizz #sperm #nut #yoogie #juke
by Pincky May 25, 2009
6 Words related to Pre Action
The opposite of reaction.
I'm getting a migraine. I think it's a preaction to the staff meeting we have scheduled at work tomorrow.
#pre-action #reaction #anticipation #dread #pre-reaction #advance reaction
by BonnieG January 14, 2007
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